In the process of developing a subunit vaccine against phocid herpesvirus type 1, we have cloned and expressed the glycoproteins B and D (gB and gD) of phicid herpesvirus type 1, using an eukaryotic baculovirus expression system. To establish the proof of concept, candidate iscom vaccines based on these affinity-purified proteins either alone or in combination, were tested for their immunogenicity in BALB/C mice. Mice immunised with a combination of gB and gD developed higher antibody and proliferative T cell responses against PhHV-1 than those immunised with gB or gD alone. The corresponding antibody and T cell proliferative responses were higher against PhHV-1 than against FHV. These data favour further testing of these candidate vaccines based on gB and gD in the FHV-cat model.

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Department of Virology

Martina, B., Harder, T., & Osterhaus, A. (2006). Purification of phocid herpesvirus type 1 glycoproteins B and D and pilot studies of immunogenicity in mice. Vaccine, 24(1), 90–94. doi:10.1016/j.vaccine.2004.07.053