The first detailed description of the proteome of the mouse jejunal brush border membrane vesicle is presented here. This was obtained by a combination of purification via divalent (Mg 2+) cation precipitation starting with isolated cells plus strong cation exchange chromatography LC-MS/MS. Five-hundred seventy proteins were identified including 45 transport proteins. Among the latter, 18 had either not been identified in the intestine in the past or there was a single unconfirmed report of their presence. Validation was accomplished by a combination of immunoblotting and immunofluorescence using mouse jejunum and previously described antibodies. The validated BB proteins were aquaporin 7, Glut 9b, Na +I - symporter (NIS), and non-gastric H +/K +-ATPase. This study helps to further define the brush border membrane vesicle, a preparation which has been widely used to identify transport function of the small intestine.

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Journal of Proteome Research
Department of Biochemistry

Donowitz, M., Singh, P. K., Salahuddin, F., Hogema, B., Chen, Y., Gucek, M., … Li, X. (2007). Proteome of murine jejunal brush border membrane vesicles. Journal of Proteome Research, 6(10), 4068–4079. doi:10.1021/pr0701761