A method to measure transverse blood flow, based on correlation between consecutive radio frequency (RF) signals, has been developed. Currently, we are implementing the method for an intravascular (IVUS) array catheter. In this paper, the acoustical beam (line-spread function, LSF) was experimentally measured and compared with the simulated one. Next, the experimental LSFE was convolved with a matrix of white noise to produce RFE signals. Decorrelation pattern from the RFE signals was compared with the correspondent autoconvolution of the LSFE and a good agreement was found. We conclude that the transverse decorrelation pattern of the IVUS array catheter can be assessed from the properties of the acoustical beam.

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doi.org/10.1016/S0041-624X(02)00242-1, hdl.handle.net/1765/71286
Department of Cardiology

Lupotti, F., Cespedes, E. I., Mastik, F., & van der Steen, T. (2002). IVUS flow measurements: Line spread function and decorrelation pattern. In Ultrasonics (Vol. 40, pp. 843–847). doi:10.1016/S0041-624X(02)00242-1