Background: Pulmonary edema may complicate preeclampsia. We report intraoperative flash pulmonary edema in a preeclamptic woman with Rendu-Osler-Weber syndrome. Case: The patient was admitted at 33 +6 weeks gestation with preeclampsia. After rapid sequence induction and endotracheal intubation for cesarean section, flash pulmonary edema developed without evidence of cardiac dysfunction. She was mechanically ventilated and treated with furosemide. Following brisk diuresis she was extubated the next day and discharged on postoperative day 9 in good clinical condition. Conclusion: Endotracheal intubation for general anesthesia can cause acutely increased blood pressure, which, with concomitant low oncotic pressure, we believe contributed to intraoperative flash pulmonary edema. We present this case to raise awareness of this complication when general anesthesia is used for cesarean section in preeclampsia.

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Pregnancy Hypertension
Department of Gynaecology & Obstetrics

Euser, A., Wiegman, M., Cantineau, A., & Zeeman, G. (2012). Flash pulmonary edema during cesarean section in a woman with preeclampsia. Pregnancy Hypertension, 2(4), 371–373. doi:10.1016/j.preghy.2012.07.001