Laser speckle imaging (LSI) is able to provide full-field perfusion maps of the renal cortex and allows quantification of the average LSI perfusion within an arbitrarily set region of interest and the recovery of LSI perfusion histograms within this region. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the use of LSI for mapping renal cortical microvascular perfusion and to demonstrate the capability of LSI to assess renal perfusion heterogeneities. The main findings were that: 1) full-field LSI measurements of renal microvascular perfusion were highly correlated to single-point LDV measurements; 2) LSI is able to detect differences in reperfusion dynamics following different durations of ischemia; and 3) renal microvascular perfusion heterogeneities can be quantitatively assessed by recovering LSI perfusion histograms.,
Optics Express
Department of Intensive Care

Bezemer, R., Legrand, M., Klijn, E., Heger, M., Post, I., van Gulik, T., … Ince, C. (2010). Real-time assessment of renal cortical microvascular perfusion heterogeneities using near-infrared laser speckle imaging. Optics Express, 18(14), 15054–15061. doi:10.1364/OE.18.15054