Recent, rapid progress in the molecular biology of serotonin (5-HT) receptors requires conceptual re-thinking with respect to receptor classification. Thus, based on operational criteria (agonist and antagonist rank order), as well as transduction mechanisms involved and the structure of the receptor protein, the Nomenclature Committee of the Serotonin Club has proposed the following classification and nomenclature: the main receptor types 5-HT1 to 5-HT4, recombinant receptors (e.g. 5-ht5 to 5-ht7) and ‘orphan’ receptors. The aim of the present review is to discuss the events leading to this classification, the criteria for and functional responses mediated by various 5-HT receptors, as well as the therapeutic possibilities with 5-HT ligands.

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Pharmacology & Therapeutics
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Saxena, P. R. (1995). Serotonin receptors: Subtypes, functional responses and therapeutic relevance. Pharmacology & Therapeutics (Vol. 66, pp. 339–368). doi:10.1016/0163-7258(94)00005-N