Donor organ scarcity remains a significant clinical challenge in transplantation. Older organs, increasingly utilized to meet the growing demand for donor organs, have been linked to inferior transplant outcomes. Susceptibility to organ injury, reduced repair capacity, and increased immunogenicity are interrelated and impacted by physiological and pathological aging processes. Insights into the underlying mechanisms are needed to develop age-specific interventional strategies with regards to organ preservation, immunosuppression, and allocation. In this overview, we summarize current knowledge of injury and repair mechanisms and the effects of aging relevant to transplantation. Copyright

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Slegtenhorst, B., Dor, F., Elkhal, A., Rodriguez, H., Yang, X., Edtinger, K., … Tullius, S. (2014). Mechanisms and consequences of injury and repair in older organ transplants. Transplantation (Vol. 97, pp. 1091–1099). doi:10.1097/TP.0000000000000072