Literature on community-based rehabilitation (CBR) published between 1978 and 2002 is reviewed to assess the evidence base for CBR. There were 128 articles found that met the criteria set by the authors. The articles have been classified according to the methodology used and the key aspects studied. The review showed an ever-increasing number of publications on CBR. Theory papers and descriptive studies are the most common types of papers in CBR literature. Intervention studies and case reports are relatively rare. No systematic review has yet been carried out although reviews on specific aspects of CBR have become available. The key aspects of 'implementation' and 'stakeholders' are relatively well presented but the numbers of articles on 'participation' and 'use of local resources' are noticeably low. This study reveals that there is no real focus of research in CBR and therefore the evidence base for CBR is fragmented and incoherent on almost all aspects of CBR. It is recommended that comprehensive review studies should be carried out on key aspects of CBR projects. This should be supported by systematic research in CBR projects in order to establish evidence-based practices.

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International Journal of Rehabilitation Research
Health Care Governance (HCG)

Finkenflügel, H., Wolffers, I., & Huijsman, R. (2005). The evidence base for community-based rehabilitation: A literature review. International Journal of Rehabilitation Research (Vol. 28, pp. 187–201). doi:10.1097/00004356-200509000-00001