In this paper, a novel estimation technique for corresponding points using a hierarchical, spatially based mean shift algorithm is proposed. We proposed a spatially based probability estimation using different spatial masks. For a given point on reference image, its corresponding register point is found along the search trajectory generated by optimizing Bhattacharyya coefficient between two windows centered at the points on the register and reference images. The outliers are further eliminated by analyzing statistical information on the displacements of the candidate register points. Experiments on various monomodal medical images show that the proposed method is feasible and fast.

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Computers in Biology and Medicine
Department of Radiology

Yang, X., Pei, J., & Sun, W. (2013). Elastic image registration using hierarchical spatially based mean shift. Computers in Biology and Medicine, 43(9), 1086–1097. doi:10.1016/j.compbiomed.2013.05.006