Background: Enteric adenoviruses, i.e. adenovirus 40 (Ad40) and adenovirus 41 (Ad41), have been shown to be a substantial cause of pediatric gastroenteritis in various parts of the world, but no data are available for Iran. Objective: The present study was performed to determine the incidence of enteric adenoviruses in children presenting to the Children's Medical Center with gastroenteritis in Iran. Study design: Stool specimens from 872 children less than 7 years of age attending the Children's Medical Center in Tehran, Iran, with gastroenteritis were tested for the presence of Ad40, Ad41, and adenovirus-genus by a monoclonal antibody-based enzyme immunoassay. Results and conclusion: 6.7% of stool specimens contained enteric adenoviruses (3.3% Ad40 and 3.4% Ad41) and 2.0% nonenteric adenoviruses. Mean ages of Ad40, Ad41 and NEAd-positive children were 21, 19 and 29 months, respectively. Among the adenovirus-positive patients, 53.9% were male and 46.1% female. Watery diarrhea was present in 86.4% of children infected by adenoviruses. In conclusion, for the first time, we demonstrated the presence of enteric and nonenteric adenoviruses in a considerable proportion of stool samples from Iranian children with gastroenteritis.

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Journal of Clinical Virology
Department of Virology

Saderi, H., Roustai, M., Sabahi, F., Sadeghizadeh, M., Owlia, P., & de Jong, J. (2002). Incidence of enteric adenovirus gastroenteritis in Iranian children. Journal of Clinical Virology, 24(1-2), 1–5. doi:10.1016/S1386-6532(01)00206-2