Jan Tinbergen's scientific writings cover six main areas of research. His articles in De Economist represent these areas: in some cases the contributions to De Economist were of a pioneering nature (business cycles, economic models, economic integration): in others De Economist were the first or even single outlet for Tinbergen's work. This article provides an overview of these contributions. The wide scope of Tinbergen's areas of research goes together with a unity in approach, the characteristics of which are: policy relevance, quantification and measurement, balance in analysis and presentation, and learning from experience. Tinbergen's articles in De Economist bear witness to this approach which at the time also met with scepticism and resistance as this overview shows. According to Houthakker, Tinbergen's main contribution may be that, amidst the pleas of interest groups and the slogans of the laity, an attempt is made that the voice of the professional economic researcher be heard. Tinbergen's work still sets an agenda for both economic research and policy making.

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Kol, J. (2004). Tinbergen in De Economist. De Economist, 152(2), 273–296. doi:10.1023/B:ECOT.0000023260.09217.54