The aim of this thesis is, first, the diagnostic work-up of occupational and food allergies in the absence of well-validated commercially available standardised extracts for Skin Prick Test. Second, to investigate cross-reactivity in occupational and food allergic patients. Third, the treatment of, employees with an occupational allergy in order to enable the continuation of work. The number of work-related symptoms among greenhouse workers is increasing and the prevalence of food allergies is rising. The sequence of diagnostic procedures is the history first, followed by skin tests and RAST tests, and challenge tests as final instruments. Unfortunately, commercial standardised extracts to diagnose the more uncommon allergies caused by relatively unknown allergens are generally not available. Therefore, we made new in house manufactured extracts, for the diagnosis of occupational and food allergies e.g. several flower pollen, A. cucumeris, latex, fruits (peach, kiwi, banana, avocado), and hazelnut.

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ACM Ooms Allergie BV, ALK Abell├│ BV, DPC Nederland BV, HAL Allergy BV, Koppert BV, Mead Johnson, Pols, Prof. Dr. H.A. (promotor), Precision bijscholingen BV, Schering- Plough BV
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

de Jong, N. (2004, November 17). Occupational and food allergy: focus on allergen extracts. Retrieved from