This article addresses the pervasive impact of advanced multi-access technologies - such as Internet, wireless data, Interactive TV, and wired & wireless voice - on the processes and stakeholders involved in consumer electronic auctions in The Netherlands. Electronic web-based auctions are a popular mechanism to trade among sellers and buyers. Little attention has been given to how new access technologies affect or could affect the functioning and outcome of these type of auctions. In this article different exchange processes in electronic auctions are classified and analyzed. The impact on the stakeholders of e-auctions has been examined by using buyer-seller relationship literature. The focus in this article was on five consumer electronic auctions. In these auctions consumers buy and sell all kinds of products by using sales auctions. The investigated auctions are:, Qoop,, Start-End, and Wannabid. Our paper suggests that new technologies could provide more value-generating business processes and more interactivity between the stakeholders of electronic auctions and therefore will further increase the trade in electronic auctions. However, the impact differs per technology, since each technology has different characteristics and capabilities.

Business processes, Electronic auctions, Impact, Multi-access technologies, Stakeholders,
European Management Journal
Erasmus Research Institute of Management

de Ruiter, S, & van Heck, H.W.G.M. (2004). The impact of multi-access technologies on consumer electronic auctions. European Management Journal, 22(4), 377–392. doi:10.1016/j.emj.2004.06.010