I WILL make a difference

I WILL is a new communications initiative and online community developed by RSM. I WILL allows the people of RSM - including the visionaries featured in this special supplement - to share their ambitions, dreams, commitments, and visions for the future.

The hunt for top talent (Russell Gilbert)

Top professional services organisation Deloitte is taking a global view in the re- cruitment of the best graduate talent by working closely with what it sees are the premier academic institutions in the world. RSM is among their chosen elite.

An evolution in thinking (Russell Gilbert)

Over the last decade there has apparently been a three-fold increase in the number of academic papers and articles relating to the topics of ethics and morality in business. At the bold frontier of exploration into these issues is a new research centre led by Prof. David De Cremer.

Boosting business with open innovation (Justine Whittern)

Earlier this year executives from a diverse range of industry sectors were drawn together at RSM’s first Open Innovation programme to discover how the combined forces of innovation and collaboration can dynamically invigorate their business strategy.