The private ordering and public regulation of private international law situations has never been an easy task, and it is one to which legislatures generally have not paid a lot of attention. However, our ‘open societies’ do no longer allow for this lack of interest. This is evident from ongoing debates on a range of private international law matters that have attracted attention beyond the originally somewhat secluded private international law scholarship and which regularly receive media attention. The usual conflicts of interests underlying these types of legal relationships and disputes arising from them gain complexity as a result of the transnational dimension and raise pressing questions as to which (domestic) authority ought to address these in a fragmented world with different applicable laws. The articles included in this issue, dedicated to the role of private international law in contemporary society, dig up the many open debates concerning the challenges of private international law as a governance tool.

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Keywords private law, (private) international law, global governance
Publisher Erasmus Law Review
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Carballo Pineiro, L, & Kramer, X.E. (2014). The Role of Private International Law in Contemporary Society: Global Governance as a Challenge. Erasmus Law Review, 7(3), 109–112. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/77385