Public administration in The Netherlands is generally approached as a multi-disciplinary field of inquiry, especially in the social sciences. Some schools attempt a more integrating approach preserving the integrity of Public Administration as an academic discipline. Its focus is on: 1. mainstream public administration (theories, models etc. on policy- and decision making, organization, human resource management) and on insights from other disciplines that also have an interest in the study of government such as political science, sociology, law and economics; 2. the structure and functioning of Dutch government at large. Next to serving the regular student body (full-time and day-time students) special evening programs and special streams have been developed. The interest in European administration, particularly the comparative component (i.e. cross-national analysis of administrative systems in the member states) and the implementation and enforcement of European policies at the grass-roots level should attract much more attention.

Europe, Higher Education, Public Administration
Department of Public Administration

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