Uganda is often seen as an African show case for the beneficial effects of structural adjustment. High growth rates have been combined with a high degree of ?ownership? of the reforms. At the same time, critics have pointed to continued aid dependence, and to limited growth of the important agricultural export sector. The contribution of this paper in this debate is three-fold. First, ?ownership? has not always been exemplary and is still fragile in some respects. Secondly, although aid has indeed been important for bringing about high growth, aid dependence has diminished over time. And thirdly, there have been real supply responses from the agricultural export sector.

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Keywords Africa, Agriculture, Developing Countries, Economic Policy, Foreign Aid, Uganda
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Journal World Development
Dijkstra, A.G, & van Donge, J.K. (2001). What does the 'show case' show? Evidence of, and lessons from adjustment in Uganda. World Development, 29(5), 841–863. Retrieved from