The Set-Up of the 20 Teraflop Erasmus Computing Grid: To meet the enormous computational needs of live- science research as well as clinical diagnostics and treatment the Hogeschool Rotterdam and the Erasmus Medical Center are currently setting up one of the largest desktop computing grids in the world – The Erasmus Computing Grid. Currently 3 Tera flops are operational and in early production, installation up to the today available maximum capacity of 20 Tera flops in both institutions is planned and partly underway. Thus the Erasmus Computing Grid transforms the existing and sustained huge computer capacity available into usable form via a reliable and secure installing and management system, so that the academic and industrial opportunities depending on such huge computing capacities can be realized for the benefit of society.

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Conference D-Grid All-Hands-Meeting. Universitäts Klinikum
Note Poster presented at the D-Grid All-Hands-Meeting. Universitäts Klinikum, Göttingen, Germany, 23rd - 25th March, 2009
Knoch, T.A, & de Zeeuw, L.V. (2009). The 20 Tera flop Erasmus Computing Grid (ECG). Presented at the D-Grid All-Hands-Meeting. Universitäts Klinikum. Retrieved from