To achieve greater sustainability, governments need to continuously adapt their purchasing activities to innovations in the market. Sustainable procurement is a decision-making process in which the decisions of procurers determine if the full potential of sustainable procurement is used. The decisions and thus behaviour of procurers are therefore crucial for the successfulness of sustainable procurement. According to organizational theory, commitment to change could influence this behaviour. Hence, in the study, we examined if commitment to implement sustainable procurement increases sustainable procurement behaviour by Dutch public procurers and what determines this commitment to implement sustainable procurement are. Our study shows first that both affective commitment to implement sustainable procurement and procedural justice increase sustainable procurement behaviour. In addition, the results show that commitment to change acts as a mechanismbetween fitwith vision, ecological sustainability attitude, procedural justice and sustainable procurement behaviour.

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Keywords sustainable public procurement, sustainable procurement behaviour, commitment to change, organizational change, innovation, survey
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Journal Innovation
Grandia, J, Steijn, A.J, & Kuipers, B.S. (2015). It is not easy being green: increasing sustainable public procurement behaviour. Innovation, 28(3), 243–260. doi:10.1080/13511610.2015.1024639