This paper will discuss issues around money and capital from a broad perspecdve - recognising women's assigned role in the care economy. From this perspective, the question is how the different - and sometimes conflicting - roles in the market and the care economy can be combined. Or, to quote Diane Elson: "The key structural factor is not the way in which getting a living is organised, nor the way that raising children is organised, but the way these two processes are interrelated" (Diane Elson 1995: 13). This basic and gendered problem will be illustrated with the help of nvo literary metaphors.

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Keywords gender, care economy
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van Staveren, I.P. (1998). Robinson Crusoe and Silas Marner, or Two Stories on the Gendered Monetary Economy ( A Background Reader for Economic Literacy). Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/78448