Financing non-capitalist (public, solidarity and care) economies with current monetary resources raises many economic and environmental problems. This research focuses on the opportunities offered by alternative currencies as a possible solution and discusses their limits. We demonstrate how time-based systems of measure, exchange and credit can foster sustainable financing of non-capitalist economies in a more economically efficient, localised and ecological way. The key is to link them to an average value of labour time, which can significantly widen the power, functions and economic role of alternative currencies. Above all it can foster a new type of universal ecological protection against speculative finance and exploitation of resources, promoting a return to taking care: of ourselves, of others, of our community currencies and the world we live in.
International Journal of Community Currency Research
International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University (ISS)

Ruzzene, M. (2015). Beyond Growth: Problematic Relationships between the Financial Crisis, Care and Public Economies, and Alternative Currencies. International Journal of Community Currency Research, 19(D), 81–93. Retrieved from