This Opinion article briefly reviews some of the literature in behavioural and financial economics that are related to health & medical economics. We then discuss some of the research on behavioural and financial economics that could be extended to health & medical economics beyond the existing areas in theory, statistics and econometrics.

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Keywords Behavioural economics, Financial economics, Health & medical economics, Theory, Statistics, Econometrics
JEL Financial Economics: General (jel G0), Analysis of Health Care Markets (jel I11), Financial Markets; Saving and Capital Investment (jel O16), Financial Economics (jel P34)
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Series Econometric Institute Research Papers
Note For financial and research support, the first author is grateful to the National Science Council of Taiwan, the second author is most thankful to the Australian Research Council and the National Science Council of Taiwan, and the third author wishes to acknowledge the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Baptist University. The third author would also like to thank Robert B. Miller and Howard E. Thompson for their continuous guidance and encouragement.
Chang, C-L, McAleer, M.J, & Wong, W.-K. (2015). Behavioural, Financial, and Health & Medical Economics: A Connection (No. EI2015-27). Econometric Institute Research Papers. Retrieved from