The call for evidence-based policy is often accompanied by rather uncritical references to the success of evidence-based medicine (EBM), leading to often unsuccessful attempts at translation. In this paper I reflect on the practice of EBM in order to sketch a more productive image. Discussing three ‘moments’ of EBM − clinical trials, the production and use of clinical guidelines − I conclude that the success of EBM has been based on the creation of reflexive practices in which evidence and practice can be productively combined. In the conclusion I discuss the prospects of such a reflexive practice for evidence-based policy.
Tijdschrift voor Gezondheidsethiek
Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management (ESHPM)

Bal, R. (2015). Evidence-based policy als reflexieve praktijk.Wat kunnen we leren van evidence-based medicine?. Tijdschrift voor Gezondheidsethiek, 25(4), 108–113. Retrieved from