I am pleased and grateful for the opportunity science. to present here some remarks on the interrelation-Generally speaking this subject of ‘science ships of the forecasting capacity of sciences. I geography’ deserves a more systematic treatment hope that my remarks may be considered a useful than is usual. An example or common practice is comment on forecasting; I don’t claim any origi-given in table 1, which is used by the Royal Dutch nality, though. Others have worked on this subject Academy of Sciences. A systematic subdivision more than I have: see, e.g., Intriligator (1988), must satisfy the well-known conditions that the Nordhaus (1987), Theil (1958, 1966), to mention a individual elementary areas few.

Articles (Jan Tinbergen)
International Journal of Forecasting
Erasmus School of Economics

Tinbergen, J. (1989). The Impact of the Forecasting Capacity of One Science on that of Other Sciences. International Journal of Forecasting. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/7956