As selection instruments often generate ethnic score differences, creating a diverse work floor constitutes a complex challenge for many organizations. Therefore, in the development of selection instruments it should be aimed for to reduce unfair score differences between ethnic groups as much as possible. This article discusses a method that could help researchers and test developers in reducing ethnic score differences, namely the cognitive interview method. This qualitative method for evaluating questionnaires is already being used in the healthcare sector. In this article, it is argued that this method is useful in the field of personnel selection as well. The cognitive interview method can be used to study whether respondents with different ethnic background interpret items in a similar way.

Adverse impact, Cognitive interview method, Cognitive pretesting, Ethnic score differences, Personnel selection
Gedrag en organisatie : tijdschrift voor sociale, arbeids- en organisatie-psychologie
Department of Psychology

Oostrom, J.K, & Born, M.Ph. (2013). The cognitive interview method: Discussion of an alternative strategy for reducing test bias. Gedrag en organisatie : tijdschrift voor sociale, arbeids- en organisatie-psychologie, 26(2), 205–222. Retrieved from