This dissertation deals with the interface between governance and strategic management in nonprofit organizations (NPOs). The discussion and analysis focus on the influence of the governance process on strategic decision-making, in particular the interaction between the board members and the top management team (so-called interface governance). The aim of this research project has been to analyze the effects of this interface governance on organizations’ governance structure and the impact on organizational performance. The theoretical framework used in this dissertation is rooted in both the NPO governance and the strategic management literature. On the one hand, using NPO management and economic theories, a state of the art overview of governance in NPOs is presented. The typical characteristics of NPO organizations are discussed, as well as the consequences of such organizational peculiarities for both theory and practice. On the other hand, on the basis of strategic management literature – mostly coming from New Institutional Economics, stakeholder theory and resource-based view – a particular perspective on interface governance is presented. At the centre of attention are the factors, which in the context of interface governance can have an impact on the governance process and structure. On the basis of this theoretical framework, hypotheses have been formulated and tested, in a quantitative study using a sample of Austrian hospitals and old people's homes. An overall discussion of the research results and recommendations for a more efficient and effective interface governance in non-profit organizations can be found at the end of the dissertation.

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Tulder, Prof. Dr. R.J.M. van (promotor)
R. van Tulder (Rob)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
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Wolfbauer, J. (2006, November 24). Die Strategische Rolle von Governance-Organen in Nonprofit Organisationen: Eine empirische Untersuchung der Zusammenhänge zwischen Kontext, Governance, Strategie und Performance im österreichischen Gesundheitssektor. Dissertations (UL). Retrieved from