Radiopeptides are powerful tools for diagnostic imaging and radionuclide therapy of various diseases. Since the introduction of the first radiopeptide into the clinical setting to diagnose neuroendocrine tumors about 25 y ago, many advances have been made in the field. This short review highlights novel strategies to improve the application of radiopeptides for imaging and therapy.

Developments, Imaging, Perspectives, Radionuclide therapy, Radiopeptides,
The Journal of Nuclear Medicine
Department of Radiology

Chatalic, K.L.S, Kwekkeboom, D, & de Jong, M. (2015). Radiopeptides for imaging and therapy: A radiant future. The Journal of Nuclear Medicine (Vol. 56, pp. 1809–1812). doi:10.2967/jnumed.115.161158