Renewed attention has emerged for the topic of intermodal transportation. Since a couple of years, research has focused on the concept of synchromodality. Synchromodality refers to creating the most efficient and sustainable transportation plan for all orders in an entire network of different modes and routes, by using the available flexibility. In this paper we provide an overview of relevant research around three topics related to the case of European Gateway Services, the network orchestrator of container transportation network in the Rotterdam hinterland. For each topic we describe studies with practical relevance and recent results. Finally, we conclude by describing topics for further research with relevance for future practical developments.

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Department of Econometrics

van Riessen, B, Negenborn, R.R, & Dekker, R. (2015). Synchromodal container transportation: An overview of current topics and research opportunities. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-24264-4_27