The accuracy of absorbed dose calculations in personalized internal radionuclide therapy is directly related to the accuracy of the activity (or activity concentration) estimates obtained at each of the imaging time points. MIRD Pamphlet no. 23 presented a general overview of methods that are required for quantitative SPECT imaging. The present document is next in a series of isotope-specific guidelines and recommendations that follow the general information that was provided in MIRD 23. This paper focuses on 177Lu (lutetium) and its application in radiopharmaceutical therapy.

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The Journal of Nuclear Medicine
Department of Nuclear Medicine

Ljungberg, M, Celler, A, Konijnenberg, M, Eckerman, K.F, Dewaraja, Y.K, & Sjögreen-Gleisner, K. (2016). MIRD pamphlet no. 26: Joint EANM/MIRD guidelines for quantitative 177Lu SPECT applied for dosimetry of radiopharmaceutical therapy. The Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 57(1), 151–162. doi:10.2967/jnumed.115.159012