To gain insight in the laboratory diagnostics of auto-antibodies to nuclear antigens (ANA, anti-dsDNA- and anti-ENA-antibodies), the Dutch EASI-team has prepared a questionnaire in collaboration with SKML. This questionnaire has been distributed to all participants of the external quality assessment program for these auto-antibodies, as organized by SKML. Due to the high response (87%), the Dutch situation has been very well documented. The results are summarized in this paper and, in addition, recommendations of the Dutch EASI-team are given. Although these recommendations are not to be used as official guide-lines, they may harmonize and improve the detection of auto-antibodies to nuclear antigens.
Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Klinische Chemie en Laboratoriumgeneeskunde
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Damoiseaux, J, Bakker-Jonges, L.E, Cohen Tervaert, J.W, Derksen, R, Hooijkaas, H, Kallenberg, C, … Hamann, D. (2010). Laboratory diagnosis of ANA, anti-dsDNA- and anti-ENA- antibodies; recommendations following the outcomes of a questionaire. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Klinische Chemie en Laboratoriumgeneeskunde, 35(4), 234–239. Retrieved from