Conclusions: The EQA-initiated national harmonisation of seven enzymes, using stable, commutable human serum samples, spiked with human recombinant enzymes, and targeted with the IFCC Reference Measurement Procedures, was successful in terms of implementation of IFCC traceable results (95%), recovery of the target (99%), and inter-laboratory CV (4%).Results: Of the 223 participating laboratories, 95% reported IFCC traceable results, ranging from 98% (ASAT) to 87% (amylase). Users of Roche and Siemens (97%) more frequently reported in IFCC traceable results than users of Abbott (91%), Beckman (90%), and Olympus (87%). The success of harmonisation, expressed as the recovery of assigned values and the inter-laboratory CV was: ALAT (recovery 100%; inter-lab CV 4%), ASAT (102%; 4%), LD (98%; 3%), CK (101%; 5%), GGT (98%; 4%), AP (96%; 6%), amylase (99%; 4%). There were no significant differences between the manufacturers. Commutability was demonstrated in the parallel study. Equal results in the same sample in the 2012 and 2013 EQA programmes demonstrated stability of the samples.Background: Equivalent results between different laboratories enable optimal patient care and can be achieved with harmonisation. We report on EQA-initiated national harmonisation of seven enzymes using commutable samples.Methods: EQA samples were prepared from human serum spiked with human recombinant enzymes. Target values were assigned with the IFCC Reference Measurement Procedures. The same samples were included at four occasions in the EQA programmes of 2012 and 2013. Laboratories were encouraged to report IFCC traceable results. A parallel study was done to confirm commutability of the samples.

commutability, external quality assessment, harmonisation, recombinant human enzymes, traceability IFCC reference measurement procedures,
Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine: Associated with FESCC and IFCC
Department of Clinical Chemistry

Weykamp, C.W, Franck, P.F, Gunnewiek, J.K, De Jonge, R, Kuypers, A, Van Loon, D, … Cobbaert, C.M. (2014). Harmonisation of seven common enzyme results through EQA. Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine: Associated with FESCC and IFCC, 52(11), 1549–1555. doi:10.1515/cclm-2014-0458