Acute respiratory tract infection (ARI) is a frequently occurring disease in children. It is a clinical diagnosis for which no internationally accepted diagnostic test is available. The majority of ARI is viral in origin, though diagnostic tests for viruses were rarely performed in the past. In the past 2 decades, new molecular techniques have been introduced in many hospitals. They are capable of generating a high yield of viral and bacterial diagnoses, but their impact upon clinical practices is still questionable. In this paper, we discuss the difficulties of diagnosing ARI in children, the indications for conventional and new diagnostics and their implications.

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Paediatric Respiratory Reviews
Department of Pediatrics

Wishaupt, J.O, Versteegh, F.G, & Hartwig, N.G. (2015). PCR testing for paediatric acute respiratory tract infections. Paediatric Respiratory Reviews (Vol. 16, pp. 43–48). doi:10.1016/j.prrv.2014.07.002