Corporate power reaches beyond land frontiers and holds sway over the lives of billions of individuals throughout communities and living environments all over the world. Regrettably, this power is not always exercised in a responsible manner when we look at the amount of violations of human rights in which corporations have been involved through their international business affairs. In order to prevent an abuse of corporate authority to the detriment of human rights, the impact of corporate power should be balanced with a matching responsibility towards all members of society. This article examines how corporate power and the protection of human rights are currently out of equilibrium. Subsequently, it explores solutions in the field of corporate law and best practices such as the emergence of social entrepreneurship to restore this equilibrium.

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Security and Human Rights
Erasmus School of Law

Khan, W. (2013). Corporate power and the protection of human rights in equilibrium. Security and Human Rights, 24(1), 29–42. doi:10.1163/18750230-02401006