About 40–50 % of the general population will develop a foot disorder at some stage in their lives. Of these injuries, 90 % will concern the forefoot. This comprehensive chapter on injuries of the foot aims to discuss the most common foot injuries in either recreational or elite athletes. Although technological advances in nuclear medicine and radiology enable physicians to obtain a precise diagnosis and monitor the rehabilitation process, a sound understanding of the pathophysiology of these common foot injuries remains the basis for a successful diagnosis and treatment. This chapter summarizes the most common foot problems that an athlete can encounter. In describing these foot pathologies, the foot is divided into six different zones. For each zone, a description of possible foot injuries is provided in a concise manner. After reading this chapter, the reader will have a better understanding of normal and abnormal foot anatomy in relation to the biomechanical etiology of common overuse injuries of the foot. Although this review is not intended to provide the reader with a complete overview of sports-related foot problems, it will assist clinicians in their differential diagnosis when requesting, e.g., a radiological examination.