A median (antimedian) of a profile of vertices on a graph G is a vertex that minimizes (maximizes) the remoteness value, that is, the sum of the distances to the elements in the profile. The median (or antimedian) function has as output the set of medians (antimedians) of a profile. It is one of the basic models for the location of a desirable (or obnoxious) facility in a network. The median function is well studied. For instance it has been characterized axiomatically by three simple axioms on median graphs. The median function behaves nicely on many classes of graphs. In contrast the antimedian function does not have a nice behavior on most classes. So a nice axiomatic characterization may not be expected. In this paper an axiomatic characterization is obtained for the median and antimedian functions on cocktail-party graphs. In addition a characterization of the antimedian function on complete graphs is presented.

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Department of Econometrics

Changat, M., Lekha, D. S., Mulder, M., & Subhamathi, A. R. (2015). Axiomatic characterization of the median and antimedian functions on cocktail-party graphs and complete graphs. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/83085