This is a review article of Rundle, Forms Liberate and Brunnee &Toope, Legitimacy and Legality in International Law. It puts both books in perspective, in the context of a modest Fuller revival since 1994. Rundle successfully reclaims Fuller from the distorted picture that arose in the wake of the Hart-Fuller debate and argues for taking the form of law seriously. Brunnee and Toope provide a convincing account of the emergence of international law by elaborating a Fullerian framework.

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University of Toronto Law Journal
Erasmus School of Law

van der Burg, W. (2014). The work of lon fuller: A promising direction for jurisprudence in the twenty-first century. University of Toronto Law Journal (Vol. 64, pp. 736–752). doi:10.3138/utlj.020614-02RA