Podosomes are actin-rich adhesion structures that depend on Arp2/3-complex-based actin nucleation. We nowreport the identification of the formins FHOD1 and INF2 as novel components and additional actinbased regulators of podosomes in primary human macrophages. FHOD1 surrounds the podosome core and is also present at podosome-connecting cables, whereas INF2 localizes at the podosome cap structure. Using a variety of microscopy-based methods; including a semiautomated podosome reformation assay, measurement of podosome oscillations, FRAP analysis of single podosomes, and structured illumination microscopy, both formins were found to regulate different aspects of podosome-associated contractility, with FHOD1 mediating actomyosin contractility between podosomes, and INF2 regulating contractile events at individual podosomes. Moreover, INF2 was found to be a crucial regulator of podosome de novo formation and size. Collectively, we identify FHOD1 and INF2 as novel regulators of inter- and intra-structural contractility of podosomes. Podosomes thus present as one of the few currently identified structures which depend on the concerted activity of both Arp2/3 complex and specific formins and might serve as a model system for the analysis of complex actin architectures in cells.

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doi.org/10.1242/jcs.177691, hdl.handle.net/1765/83274
Journal of Cell Science
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Panzer, L., Trü be, L., Klose, M., Joosten, B., Slotman, J., Cambi, A., & Linder, S. (2016). The formins FHOD1 and INF2 regulate inter- and intra-structural contractility of podosomes. Journal of Cell Science, 129(2), 298–313. doi:10.1242/jcs.177691