Recent research shows that the personality domain is better represented by six instead of five independent dimensions. The HEXACO-PI-R questionnaire adequately represents these six dimensions but is, because of the complexity of some items, less suitable for the assessment of people with lower educational levels and first-generation ethnic minorities. In this research, the construction of a simplified version of the HEXACO-PI-R, called the HEXACO-SPI, and the construction of an additional interstitial facet which purports to measure proactivity, is reported. In a sample of the Dutch population (N = 525), the HEXACO-SPI is found to have an adequate factor structure, reliable domain scales, more than adequate convergent validity and highly convergent construct validities when compared to the HEXACO-PI-R domain scales. Additionally, the interstitial proactivity facet is found to have the desired positive correlations with the HEXACO engagement factors and weak correlations with the HEXACO altruism factors.

Big Five, HEXACO, Personality, Proactivity, Questionnaire construction
Gedrag en organisatie : tijdschrift voor sociale, arbeids- en organisatie-psychologie
Erasmus University Rotterdam

de Vries, R.E, & Born, M.Ph. (2013). The simplified HEXACO Personality Inventory and an additional interstitial proactivity facet. Gedrag en organisatie : tijdschrift voor sociale, arbeids- en organisatie-psychologie, 26(2), 223–245. Retrieved from