Background: The purpose of this study was to develop and evaluate an interactive Web-based training module for electrosurgery and use of an electrosurgical device. Materials and Methods: The training module consists of a theoretical part, a device tutorial, and an assessment. For evaluation, participants were recruited at the surgical departments from a university hospital and a non-university teaching hospital and were divided into a training group and a control group. All participants performed the same theoretical and practical tests. The training participants first completed the module before they performed the tests. The control participants immediately performed the tests. Results were compared between the training and control participants. To evaluate face validity, the training participants filled out a questionnaire on their opinion about the module. Results: In total, 39 participants were enrolled in the study: 20 in the training group and 19 in the control group. The training group answered significantly more theoretical questions correctly (15.7 versus 9.7; P<.001) and made significantly fewer errors in the practical test (2.2 versus 5.6; P=.007). The participants in the training group rated the usefulness and characteristics of the module with high marks. All of them indicated the module to be of additive value to surgical training programs. Conclusions: Training with an interactive Web-based module has a positive effect on both theoretical and practical competence regarding electrosurgery and use of an electrosurgical device. This module was rated positively by the participants and was indicated to be a useful addition to surgical training programs.,
Journal of Laparoendoscopic and Advanced Surgical Techniques

van Hove, P. D., Verdaasdonk, E., Dankelman, J., & Stassen, L. (2014). Development and evaluation of an interactive simulation module to train the use of an electrosurgical device. Journal of Laparoendoscopic and Advanced Surgical Techniques, 24(9), 628–633. doi:10.1089/lap.2013.0579