Background: The description and testing of the different levels of human functioning is essential prior to beginning the treatment of patients with lymphoedema. Aims: The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) offers an international framework for the classification of health and health-related domains. ICF Core Sets are lists of selected ICF categories concerning the impor tant aspects of functioning that are most likely to be affected by a specific disease. These Core Sets make it easier and faster to describe the patient's problems and to define treatment goals. Fur thermore, they are available to healthcare providers of all professions, researchers, health insurance companies and policymakers. The objective of this document is to outline the development process for ICF Core Sets for lymphoedema. Methods: The ICF Core Sets for lymphoedema will be defined at a consensus conference, on the basis of data derived from the following preparatory studies: a) a systematic review b) a qualitative study c) an exper t survey and d) a cross-sectional study. Results: Not available at the time of writing. Conclusions: The ICF Core Sets for lymphoedema are being designed with the aim of providing a useful standard for both research and clinical practice.

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Journal of Lymphoedema
Department of Dermatology

Viehoff, P., Heerkens, Y., Van Ravensberg, D. C., Hidding, A., Damstra, R., Napel, H. T., & Neumann, M. (2012). Human functioning in lymphoedema. Journal of Lymphoedema, 7(1), 24–26. Retrieved from