Background. Studies on the influence of socioeconomic factors and ethnicity on the results of kidney transplantation have led to various outcomes. In this study, we analyzed the influence of a combination of these factors on graft and patient survival in a population of kidney transplant recipients. Methods. This retrospective study included all 1,338 patients who received a kidney transplant between 2000 and 2011 (825 living, 513 deceased donor transplantations). Both clinical and socioeconomic variables were studied. Clinical variables were recipient age, gender, ethnicity, original disease, maximum and current panel reactive antibodies, ABO blood type, retransplants, pretreatment, time on dialysis, comorbidity, transplant year, total number of HLA mismatches, donor type (living or deceased), age and gender, and calcineurin inhibitor treatment. Each recipient's postal code was linked to a postal code area information database to extract information on housing value, income, percentage non-Europeans in the area, and urbanization level. Results. In multivariable analysis, graft survival censored for death was significantly influenced by recipient age, maximum panel reactive antibodies, HLA mismatches, donor type, donor age, and calcineurin inhibitor treatment. Patient survival was significantly influenced by recipient age, comorbidity, transplant year, and donor type. Socioeconomic factors and ethnicity did not have a significant influence on graft and patient survival. Conclusions. Though ethnicity and socioeconomic factors do not influence survival after kidney transplantation, the favorable influence of living donor type is of paramount importance. As non-Europeans and patients with unfavorable socioeconomic variables less often receive a living donor kidney transplant, their survival may be unfavorable after all.

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Department of Internal Medicine

Hol - Laging, M., Kal-Van Gestel, J., van de Wetering, J., IJzermans, J., Weimar, W., & Roodnat, J. (2014). Understanding the influence of ethnicity and socioeconomic factors on graft and patient survival after kidney transplantation. Transplantation, 98(9), 974–978. doi:10.1097/TP.0000000000000164