When we woke up from the "drunkenness" of December '89, rejoicing that "we escaped" socialism, we carefully looked around us in the coming years, seeing everywhere only problems: financial bottlenecks, lack of markets both "inputs", but especially the "outputs", massive reduction of activity, bankruptcy and, therefore, unemployment and strong social conflicts, aberrant price increases. When we thought we got through, reaching 2008, we didn't have much time to savor success, noting that the U.S. rather than bring us to economic performance, has brought a financial crisis, followed by an economic crisis. It was exactly what we needed now! And the rescue from the current economic and financial crisis is expected from a managerial performance. The paper aims to highlight the necessary changes in management activity in the current crisis context, namely the existence of a coherent strategy of the company that would provide needed competition to competitive performance, changing the dominant mode of thinking, the impact of customer attitudes on employees, the need of leadership and awareness that any crisis is a new opportunity.

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Quality - Access to Success
Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University

Deac, V., Vrâncuţ, M., & Dumitrescu Drãgan, A. I. (2011). Management crisis. Quality - Access to Success, 12(SUPPL. 2), 547–551. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/84884