This chapter concerns the application of bioinformatics methods to the analysis of toxicogenomics data. The chapter starts with an introduction covering how bioinformatics has been applied in toxicogenomics data analysis, and continues with a description of the foundations of a specific bioinformatics method called text-mining. Next, the integration of text-mining with toxicogenomics data analysis methods is described. Four different areas in toxicogenomics where conventional bioinformatics solutions can be assisted by text-mining are described: class discovery and separation, connectivity mapping, mechanistic analysis, and identification of early predictors of toxicity.

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Department of Medical Informatics

Hettne, K., Kleinjans, J., Stierum, R., Boorsma, J., & Kors, J. (2014). Bioinformatics Methods for Interpreting Toxicogenomics Data: The Role of Text-Mining. doi:10.1016/B978012397862200019-X