Colloid milium is an ultraviolet related skin disorder, which presents on the sun exposed areas. The clinical presentation can be confusing as this eruption is often difficult to distinguish from a benign adnexal skin tumour, sebaceous gland hyperplasia or even a basal cell carcinoma. We present a 65 year old patient with a history of excessive sun exposure and a pruritic facial skin disorder consistent with colloid milium.

Colloid milium, Histopathology of colloid milium, Nodular cutaneous amyloidosis, Sunexposure
Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Dermatologie en Venereologie
Department of Dermatology

Broekhof, K.G.M.E, van der Velden, S.K, Stavast-Kooij, A.J.W, & Berretty, P.J.M. (2011). Colloid milium in a 65-year-old white patient with excessive sun exposure. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Dermatologie en Venereologie, 21(6), 325–327. Retrieved from