This paper describes the incorporation of body surface mapping algorithms to detect the position and size of acute myocardial infarctions using standard 12 lead ECG recording. The results are compared with the results from cardiac MRI scan analysis. In case patient specific volume conductor models are used, the position of the infarction could be accurately determined. When generalized patient volume conductor models were examined, the estimation of the infarct position became significantly less accurate. The calculations of the size of the infarctions need further improvement.
Computing in Cardiology
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Arnold Dijk, W, Van Dam, J.W, van der Putten, N.H.J.J, Maan, A.C, & De Jongste, M.J.J. (2012). Validation of infarct size and location from the ECG by inverse body surface mapping. Presented at the Computing in Cardiology. Retrieved from