This study builds on our previous work on beardedness [1] and explores whether wearing spectacles in a LinkedIn profile picture affects a female candidate’s prospects of being invited for a job interview and whether this is contingent on the type of job vacancy. Results of a 2 (spectacle use: spectacles versus no spectacles) × 3 (job type: expertise, trustworthiness, attractiveness) experiment conducted among 139 participants show that bespectacled candidates are perceived as having more expertise and–to our surprise-also being more attractive than candidates not wearing spectacles. Moreover, a candidate’s perceived credibility is a significant predictor of the intention to invite the candidate for a job interview. Theoretical and practical implications of these findings are discussed.

Credibility, Impression management, Job interview success, LinkedIn, Personal branding, Recruitment, Spectacles, Strategic social media,
Erasmus University Rotterdam

van der Land, S.F, Willemsen, L.M, & Unkel, S.A.J. (2015). Are spectacles the female equivalent of beards for men? How wearing spectacles in a linkedin profile picture influences impressions of perceived credibility and job interview likelihood. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-20895-4_17