1. We investigated saccadic eye movements elicited by microstimulation in the vermis of the rabbit. Scleral search coils were implanted under the conjunctiva of both eyes and a recording chamber was placed over the cerebellar vermis. 2. Conjugate saccadic eye movements were evoked in lobules VIa, b and c and VII of the vermis by currents ranging from 4 to 60 microA. All movements were horizontal with no apparent vertical component. 3. The cortex on both sides of the vermal mid-line could be divided in two zones, dependent on the direction of elicited saccades. In the medial zone saccades were directed ipsilaterally, in the lateral zone contralaterally. 4. We conclude that the topography of saccadic eye movements in the rabbit cerebellar vermis is, unlike in monkey and cat, organized in parasagittal zones.

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Journal of Physiology
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Godschalk, M., van der Burg, J., van Duin, B., & de Zeeuw, C. (1994). Topography of saccadic eye movements evoked by microstimulation in rabbit cerebellar vermis. Journal of Physiology. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/8566