In August 1994, the CD PLUS/Ovid literature retrieval system based on UNIX was activated for the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. There were up to 1,200 potential users. Tests were carried out to determine the extent to which searching for literature was affected by other end users of the system. In the tests, search times and download times were measured in relation to a varying number of continuously active workstations. Results indicated a linear relationship between search times and the number of active workstations. In the "worst case" situation with sixteen active workstations, the time required for record retrieval increased by a factor of sixteen and downloading time by a factor of sixteen over the "best case" of no other active stations. However, because the worst case seldom, if ever, happens in real life, these results are considered acceptable.

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Bulletin of the Medical Library Association
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Volkers, A.C, Tjiam, I.A, van Laar, A, & Bleeker, A. (1995). Multiple usage of the CD PLUS/UNIX system: performance in practice. Bulletin of the Medical Library Association. Retrieved from