The Haarlem school of painting is considered to be an archetype of the Dutch Golden Age, whereby a quintessential Dutchness is said to emanate from its famous landscape and genre paintings. In our contribution, we wish to challenge this perceived autonomy by taking stock of the artistic exchanges which took place between Haarlem and Antwerp during the first decades of the seventeenth century. A seminal example of this cross-fertilization occurred between Rubens and Goltzius. Cultural transmission thus took place in both directions: from Antwerp to Haarlem, and vice versa.

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Zeventiende Eeuw
Department of History

Vermeylen, F.R.R, & De Clippel, K. (2012). Rubens and Goltzius in dialogue: Artistic exchanges between Antwerp and Haarlem during the revolt. Zeventiende Eeuw, 28(2), 138–160. Retrieved from