Assessment of the tumor-free margins during head and neck cancer surgery is dependent on visual appearance and palpation of the tumor. Imaging techniques that provide accurate visualization of the tumor margins could be of great benefit. Optical imaging using near-infrared fluorescence is a new imaging modality that includes injection of tumorspecific fluorescence agents which can be visualized with dedicated camera systems. This article provides an overview of the various possibilities for which fluorescence-guided surgery could be applicable. Furthermore, we describe perspectives on its future use in head and neck cancer surgery.

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Het Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Keel- Neus- Oorheelkunde
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Keereweer, S., Kerrebijn, J., Vahrmeijer, A., Jansen, J., Baatenburg de Jong, R. J., & Löwik, C. (2011). Fluorescence-guided surgery of head and neck tumors - An overview of the possibilities. Het Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Keel- Neus- Oorheelkunde, 17(4), 179–181. Retrieved from